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445th LRS Airmen perform annual tour at Travis

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Patrick O'Reilly
  • 445th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio —  Twenty-two Reserve Citizen Airmen from the 445th Logistics Readiness Squadron visited the 60th Logistics Readiness Squadron, located at Travis Air Force Base, California, May 7-23, 2019 for annual tour training

The 445th LRS Airmen integrated with the 60th LRS members who shared their vocational abilities and began to work together jointly in order to achieve their mission objectives.

“We have fuels troops who are integrating with fuels flight, supply troops augmenting Travis personnel who are participating in an exercise, and vehicle operations and vehicle maintenance Airmen integrating with their counterparts here at Travis,” said Capt. William Harris, 445th LRS supply vehicle operations flight commander.

The squadron’s vehicle operations and vehicle maintenance personnel took on tasks that are not available back at home station.

“The 445th does not have vehicles to maintain so the annual tour gives a chance for vehicle maintenance Airmen to turn wrenches and see things that we do not normally see or only see if we deploy,” said Harris. “Coming here to a base that has vehicles ranging from simple sedans to fire trucks gives us opportunity to do a plethora of different training events that would take us several deployment cycles to get through.”

Vehicle maintenance and operations were not the only training opportunities afforded to the LRS Airmen who traveled to Travis. The members were also able to help supply with other equipment needs for the Airmen in training.

“We are also helping with individual protective equipment because more than 300 personnel will be turning in their issued chemical warfare equipment which was used for an exercise,” said Senior Airman Ruth Reed, 445th LRS material management.

The week prior to the 445th LRS arrival at Travis AFB, the base had begun to host an exercise and issued equipment to the participating Airmen. The 445th implemented work training and integrated with the 60th LRS in receiving accountability for the return of the issued gear.

“We get accountability and ensure the 60th has everything to restock for future uses,” said Reed. “Helmets, web belts, canteens, armor plates get separated and restocked. When they come to get issued equipment, we treat it as real world.”

Reed said the 445th LRS has a lot of people in upgrade training. As long as they can gain the experience and learn from this annual tour, that is what is important.

“At Wright-Patt, we only have a few containers for training purposes only,” said Reed. “We come here to get our training and provide help. Annual tour is our only way to get this experience.”

Staff Sgt. Ethan Bolton, 445th LRS material management, said it is important and a good learning experience for active duty and reserve Airmen to work and train together.

“It’s good experience for the reservists to get out into the active world,” said Bolton. “The Travis personnel just had a huge exercise and they have a lot of people bringing back chemical gear from the training.  It’s important that we are doing our annual tour here because we are here for training and most of them can use the help. They need the help and we have the manpower to provide.”

The 445th left good impressions as they integrated with their respected counterparts and completed their mission essentials.

“I think it is going great,” said Harris. “All of the active-duty counterparts that I have talked to fully enjoyed having us here because we get many of their projects that they do not have the time to do done. They have lots of stuff for us to do and they enjoy our work ethic.”