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445th SFS provides support to active duty in Germany

  • Published
  • By Capt. Wilson Wise

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio — Reserve Citizen Airmen from the 445th Security Forces Squadron travelled to Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany to complete their annual tour June 15-29, 2019. The Airmen not only conducted training but also provided backfill with their counterparts from the 52nd Fighter Wing to ensure mission readiness.

Upon arrival, SFS Airmen participated in rigorous use-of-force training. The training combines both lethal and non-lethal tactics to protect human lives and physical assets. Alongside their active duty counterparts, members of the 445th SFS participated in rigorous shoot/no shoot scenarios aimed to test judgment under high stress conditions, participated in a baton training event and conducted Red Man training.

Red Man training combines highly physical and mentally taxing forms of hand-to-hand combat, Taser gun scenarios and weapons retention. The exercises are designed to place security forces Airmen in difficult and stressful scenarios to test their fight resiliency.

“The exercises were very realistic training and provided opportunities to remind our Airmen how to react in real-life situations. All the scenarios that were presented are those we frequently encounter on the base,” said Senior Master Sgt. Frankie Lowder, 445th SFS training and combat arms superintendent.

“I am very proud of how much resilience our 445th Airmen demonstrated in very taxing situations,” Lowder said. “I’m impressed by their drive and determination.”

In addition to training scenarios, 445th SFS Airmen augmented their active duty counterparts by performing security details at Spangdahlem. The Airmen manned the base’s gates, went on security patrols, and performed other police duties in conjunction with members of the 52nd FW security squadron.

The Spangdahlem installation security forces troops are under manpower restraints, having to work 12 hour shifts for 24 hour security coverage of the base. The home mission must be preserved while many of their security forces colleagues are out performing missions in the European theater.

Three Airmen from the 445th SFS also conducted combat arms training and maintenance (CATM) training for active duty Airmen at Spangdahlem. Tech. Sgts. Mark Crabtree, Drew Brenner and Staff Sgt. Tyler Heath trained active duty Airmen from the 52nd FW, ensuring they were qualified in the M4 rifle.

Airmen at Spangdahlem are expected to be qualified on the M4 rifle as part of the base’s transition from the M16.

Master Sgt. Ryan Lamar, 445h SFS squad leader, commented on the excellence of his team members.

“It is incredible that our Airmen can pack up and go halfway across the world, work with people they have never met, in a facility they’ve never seen, and effectively and efficiently qualify America’s Airmen.”