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Commander signs new HRDC charter

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  • 624th Public Affairs
Col. Robert "Randy" Huston, 624th Regional Support Group commander, signed a new Human Resources Development Council charter on May 17. The overall goal of the charter is to create and maintain a fully diversified work force and a healthy and productive work climate.

Colonel Huston wasn't always a strong advocate for HRDC.

"Until about two months ago my opinion of HRDC was pretty low," said Colonel Huston. "My experience with other bases was that it seemed to be a glorified supper club but when I read the charter I realized that was exactly what we are already trying to do."

An executive group will oversee the progress of the Inreach, Outreach and Diversity Awareness working committees.

The Inreach Committee will be responsible for developing initiatives to help members within the group. One approach will be to prevent re-inventing the wheel by searching out best practices, such as performance report or awards writing, from each unit and applying them as required.

The Outreach Committee will facilitate activities and projects related to the local Hawaii and Guam communities in which the members live. Examples include activities the various units within the Group are already committed to such as the volunteer work that the 724th Aeromedical Staging Flight does with Erica's House in Guam. The Diversity Committee will concentrate on celebrating the diversity within the group.

"Diversity is one of our strengths," said Colonel Huston. "Our members and their families come from around the Pacific region and bring with them cultural and language abilities, which add value to our missions in the region."