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  • Mother, two daughters serve in the 446th AW

    Chief Master Sgt. Janice Kallinen's two daughters followed in her footsteps and joined the Air Force.
  • Rainier Wing Reservists exercise spiritual fitness

    Spiritual fitness is one of the four pillars of Comprehensive Airman Fitness, which focuses on building a thriving Air Force comprised of comprehensively balanced individuals who strive to be mentally, physically, socially and spiritually fit.
  • Yellow Ribbon participants lean on all types of support

    Staff Sgt. Merari Antunez, 439th Airlift Wing administration journeyman, encouraged her boyfriend to attend the event, so they could navigate the deployment process as a couple.
  • Zen warrior: finding resiliency through yoga

    Master Sgt. Kathleen Myhre is using yoga to share mental and spiritual resiliency with Reserve Citizen Airmen.
  • Load planners perform final checks, balances

    Before any aircraft can take flight, each person and every piece of cargo must be carefully calculated to ensure appropriate weight distribution. Not only is this important for optimum fuel burn, it’s paramount to safety. An unbalanced aircraft with too much weight in the tail end, for example, may drag the ground on the runway.
  • 349th AMW Airman to compete in international shooting competition

    Tech. Sgt. Yordy Velasquez, 349th AMW Combat Arms Instructor, speaks on his motivation and desire to represent the Air Force at the 2019 Royal Marine Corps Shooting Competition.
  • Senior leaders salute Yellow Ribbon Program

    ORLANDO, Fla. — The Air Force Reserve’s top senior enlisted leader regrets not bringing his wife and daughter to Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program training before he deployed to Southwest Asia in 2013."I missed the boat,” Chief Master Sgt. Timothy White said Sept. 28 at a Yellow Ribbon event in Florida. “I fell into that category where I was too
  • 445th SFS provides support to active duty in Germany

    Reserve Citizen Airmen from the 445th Security Forces Squadron travelled to Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany to complete their annual tour June 15-29, 2019. The Airmen not only conducted training but also provided backfill with their counterparts from the 52nd Fighter Wing to ensure mission readiness.
  • 445th CES: Illuminating, electrifying Air Force mission

    Civil engineers distribute electricity to everything across Wright-Patterson Air Force base that requires it, including houses, water processing facilities, and recreational facilities on base like the fitness center and movie theater.
  • Command chief reconnects with BMT instructor

    Imagine Chief Master Sgt. Cynthia Villa’s surprise when, twenty-five years after graduating basic military training, she learned she would be working in the same unit alongside her basic military training instructor — Chief Master Sgt. Steve Simpson.