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  • Commentary: Go Get My Axe

    Somewhere in a small city where there are far more trees than there are people, there is a man who woke up with his back against the wall. He woke up to the sobering reality that he had a number of goals to accomplish and a limited amount of time to do so. 
  • Leading Out Without Fear

    I encourage all of our LGBT members to lead fearlessly and to take advantage of your right to be honest with your fellow airmen. I know this may still be difficult for some, but I can tell you first hand that serving openly is truly a liberating and enriching experience— one that makes you a better leader and the Air Force a better place to serve.
  • A Millennial's Take on Joining the Air Force

    Senior Airman Will Brugge, 315th Airlift Wing Public Affairs, gives his take on being a Millennial in the Air Force.
  • Build Resilience, find your “Happy Place”

    Chief Master Sgt. Patricia Kawa’a, 349th Medical Group, shares her thoughts on resiliency and finding your "happy place."
  • That is how one learns we are a team

    When I started at the 349th Air Mobility Wing as a non-prior service Airman more than 15 years ago, I really had no idea what being in the Reserves was all about.
  • Preparing for the unknown

    The phrase “Full Spectrum Readiness” has been identified as a priority by our senior leadership extensively this last year…but what does it really mean?
  • Diversity for Creativity: Deliberately Cultivating Innovation

    Developing creative solutions to emerging problems is exciting business! Cultivating an environment where creative solutions are fostered and groupthink is mitigated takes deliberate work. Those familiar with organizational decision-making processes are likely aware of the groupthink theory. This theory speaks to the potential for poor or limited decisions resulting from conformist members of an often homogenous group. The same pitfall that can hamper the boardroom is just as likely to stall a brainstorming session.
  • Watching out for lost wingmen

    I make it a point to ask, remind and encourage everyone to take care of the people around them, in the squadron and in the wing. That is part of being a good wingman. But, there’s another part to being a good wingman.
  • Cheering for the real heroes

    In downtown San Antonio, the air was thick with anticipation.The throng of excited fans waited outside the hotel for most of the afternoon, hoping to catch a glimpse of a "hero." When one appeared, the crowd instantly came to life, cheering loudly as police officers worked to ensure fans kept proper distance. Cameras flashed, hands were shaken, and
  • Are you involved or committed?

    I recently heard an analogy involving a common breakfast meal, Ham and Eggs. "With Ham and Eggs, the hen is involved, while the pig is committed." I enjoyed reading this, since it involves food, but I don't think we can substitute any other pair - spam and rice, fish and chips, hotcakes and sausage, and peanut butter and jelly all don't work very