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  • “I’m Still Here”

    My name is Candy Knight and I am also one of the many individuals who suffers from clinical depression, social anxiety, and anhedonia. Every day, I fight a never-ending battle not to give up; to find the strength to keep going, and to keep living.

  • Change For The Better

    I hope my story can inspire some to change, because if my family from a tiny town in Ohio can change, then we can change things anywhere.

  • We Bleed the Same Blood

    I truly thought that I’d never bring this day up but in light of recent events, I think its time to explain how we’re not all equal in the eyes of everyone even if we want to believe we are.

  • Facing unconscious bias head on, key to healing

    The Air Force’s stance on unlawful discrimination, specifically racism is “zero tolerance.” But this is only relevant if the situation is substantiated. From the Equal Opportunity perspective, racism is difficult to prove because people, generally speaking, shy away from the conversation.

  • Share Your Story: My reflections on race, the military, and moving forward

    As a Reserve Citizen Airman living in Seattle, I watched thousands march against racial injustice. Peaceful demonstrations spiraled out of control. Then cities burned. Civil unrest erupted across the country as America was forced to reckon with its past and present. Frankly, I was exhausted.

  • Commentary: Go Get My Axe

    Somewhere in a small city where there are far more trees than there are people, there is a man who woke up with his back against the wall. He woke up to the sobering reality that he had a number of goals to accomplish and a limited amount of time to do so. 

  • Leading Out Without Fear

    I encourage all of our LGBT members to lead fearlessly and to take advantage of your right to be honest with your fellow airmen. I know this may still be difficult for some, but I can tell you first hand that serving openly is truly a liberating and enriching experience— one that makes you a better